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The history of MENNE begins in 1927 in Certaldo, a small, picturesque town right in the heart of Tuscany. It was a family business that sold handmade ice cream with the traditional ice cream man and his trolley full of ice cream. Τhis small business grew over the years, the ice cream trolley became a factory and the family business became a company under the name, Gelati Menne Srl.

In 2013 Gelati Menne was acquired by a group of companies of Greek interests, in which also EMFI (formerly EVGA) belongs.

MENNE brand, with the Italian temperament and almost 100 years of history, came to Greece with one purpose: to spread joy to every single consumer who enjoys ice cream.

You’ll discover MENNE’s refrigerators in every corner, filled with delicious and high-quality products, made in both Greece and Italy.

The production unit in Greece, which is located in the EMFI factory near Athens’ city center, adheres to modern certification standards while prioritizing product excellence and the safety of human capital.

For all of us involved with Menne, our inspiration and driving force, stem from the company’s heritage, narrative, expertise, and profound affection for ice cream. We are stable with our vision: to craft products with passion, responsibility while fulfilling all costumers needs and securing our position as top preferred choice among Greek consumers.

Discover MENNE’s delicious ice creams!